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Month: May, 2010

Porn Superstar Of The 1980s Returns At Age 51!

Porn Superstar Of The 1980s Returns At Age 51!

In the 1980s, Joanna Storm was one of the most popular porn stars in the world. She starred in nearly 200 films, including some that are now considered classics, and her name was up in lights (back when New York’s Great White Way was lined with adult movie theaters.

But when Joanna retired from porn in the late 1980s, she dropped out of the public eye and was destined to remain nothing more than a fond memory to the millions of men who jacked to her films. Then we received a call from an agent in Los Angeles: Joanna was making a comeback…at age 51!

Where had she been? Well, after getting married and having three children, she’s now divorced and dancing in New Mexico. What does she look like? Great, as we found out from looking at her test photos. Her body is still tight and right, so it turns out that even 20something porn stars are sexier after they turn 50.

40SOMETHING: You were away for a while.

JOANNA: Yes. I got married, got divorced, had three beautiful daughters. I raised them, worked in the public schools. I even worked for the newspaper.

40SOMETHING: Why did you get out of porn?

JOANNA: It was time for me to get my head together, so I moved to New Mexico and met someone. I got married and had kids, raised them, and now they’re all older. Two of them are dancers, nude dancers. The other’s becoming a nurse, and I thought, “What a good time to get back into it.”

40SOMETHING: Getting out of porn where you’re fucking all the time and then getting married…how does that work?

JOANNA: Well, I stayed straight while I was married, and it was all good, but it didn’t last very long. The thing is, I love a variety of men and women. I love having sex in a variety of places. Unusual places.

40SOMETHING: While you were married, you never fucked anyone besides your husband?

JOANNA: No, never.

40SOMETHING: Did you miss porn?

JOANNA: Yes, I did. I missed the sex. I missed all the people who worked on the sets. Not only did I fuck a lot on the set but I fucked behind the scenes, too. And it was good! It seems as if I was always fucking.

40SOMETHING: How are your blow job skills these days?

JOANNA: Very good. I gag a little when I swallow cum, but I’m not a spitter. You just have to force me to take it. That’s okay. I like to be forced. I like my hair pulled. I like that kind of stuff.

Porn Superstar Of The 1980s Returns At Age 51!


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