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The Art of the MILF Pick Up Explained in 3 Stories

The Art of the MILF Pick Up Explained in 3 Stories

Let me make this quick. If you are trying to master the art of the MILF pick up, you really need to throw away all the preconceptions you have in your mind. You really do. A lot of guys fail again and again because they have all these preexisting ideas regarding what MILFs are and what they want and how to approach them. This makes for a very confusing situation.

Unfortunately, if you’re confused about a particular objective, you’re just making it all that much harder on yourself to achieve that objective. Do you see where I’m coming from? If you really want to understand the art of the MILF pick up, pay attention to the following 3 stories.

Story #1

Overcome your fear. The first time I met this hot MILF, I was just intimidated. She had it going on. She was making $200,000 a year running her own business. She was really good looking and I thought that I didn’t have half a chance.

Accordingly, I acted like a total and complete loser and, guess what happened? I blew my chance. The lesson? You have to believe that you can achieve. You have to believe that you are desirable. Otherwise, you have no business trying to pick up on MILFs.

Story #2

I went on a date with a MILF and, for some reason or another, I thought she told me that she wanted to fuck me. It turns out, after I’ve banged her, that she didn’t say it. She didn’t actually tell me that she wanted to fuck me, but when I got that idea in my head, that’s all I could think about. That’s all I focused on and, guess what happened? I ended up sticking my dick in her.

What’s the lesson in this story? If you truly believe in something, your actions will fall into place and whatever you believe becomes reality. This is not the law of attraction bullshit. This is real.

Story #3

I hung out with this chick and fucked the shit out of her and I made it a point to make her orgasm back to back for about 8 times. It almost killed me, but I was able to do it and guess what happened? She invited her friends over the next time. That’s right, I banged 4 women at the same time.

The lesson here is when you give women what they’re looking for, they will invite their friends. This is, of course, all about adult dating, MILF dating to be exact as displayed here: . This is not regular dating.