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Turn Yourself into an Expert Cougar Finder

It never fails. Whenever you come across a bunch of guys, there will always be a guy there that is the cougar finder in the eyes of his friends. He’s like the resident pussy expert. You may think that this guy is born with these special gifts. You might think that this person is somehow, someway just naturally gifted when it comes to finding older women who are on the lookout for younger guys. Well, you need to get rid of that idea.

You have to remember that a cougar finder is never born. It’s learned behavior. Just like getting pussy or attracting the right women is learned behavior, becoming a cougar finder is something that you perfect and master after several attempts. In other words, it’s all about hit or miss. It’s trial and error. That’s the bottom line. Just as you learn how to ride a bike, you’ll also learn how to find cougars and bang them.

There’s really no big mystery to it. You just change your object of inquiry from getting on a bike, pedaling a few times, heading in the right direction, and staying on the bike, to finding older women who are looking for a certain type of action, getting their number and getting what you want from them. This all involves the same type of learning process.

The reason why most guys fail to become experts at finding members of the opposite sex and having sex with them is because they don’t allow themselves to. You have to turn yourself into an expert pussy finder and the first step is to just allow yourself to. How do you do this? First, believe that it’s possible. When you believe something, your focus goes to that project and you will find the amount of energy and attention to detail that you need to succeed. Sadly, too many guys can’t even get to this point. For those men I would say just try a free cougar dating site: