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You’ll never be blue with Trixie Blu

You'll never be blue with Trixie Blu

Let’s get to know Trixie Blu, a 47-year-old wife and mother from Ohio who’s making her first appearance at First appearance on any website. She’s a swinger, she has a sensational body and she’s super-sexy. Everybody who meets her knows it. “Everybody picks up on my sexuality pretty quickly,” Trixie said. “I’ve had a co-worker, and we got to be pretty good friends, and I told him my husband and I were swingers, and he said, ‘I know.’ He had already figured it out by things that I’d said about going out and just my presence.” Trixie says the only person who would be surprised to see her here is her mom. “But the people who really know me best wouldn’t be surprised at all.” Trixie is 5’6″, 134 pounds and measures a spectacular 40-30-38. She was born in Indiana and now lives in Cincinnati. She was a swimmer and played softball in high school and now enjoys watching football with her hubby. She enjoys dancing, hanging out with her friends and going to swingers clubs, where she’s always the center of attention. She loves big, black cock. Here, in addition to telling us all about herself, Trixie takes us on a tour of her beautiful body. We get to see her tits, pussy and ass. It’s all a prelude to the hardcore action to come. Foreplay, if you will. A getting-to-know-you session. Because here at, we believe that you should know a little bit about a woman before you jack off to her.

You'll never be blue with Trixie Blu

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